Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange BingX

BingX is a global coin exchange that conducts spot trading and futures trading. BINGX Exchange is one of the top 10 exchanges by CoinMarketCap, offering a safe and diverse service and compensation plan. It provides copy trading for new subscribers and beginners, as well as grid trading and mock trading. The BINGX exchange also supports feed trading to share trading strategies and trend information from top traders.

Currently, we are holding a new compensation and transaction fee discount event for new membership.

Receive up to 5125 usdt bonus + discount on commission

Support for high-level trading systems

BingX supports the establishment of a UI system for user convenience and a unique and systematic copy trading system.

24x7 management

BingX uses a 24-hour enquiry system to ensure that users are not uncomfortable anytime, anywhere.

High degree of confidence

BingX protects 100% funded customers’ funds with reserve funds.

BINGX Trading System

The BINGX Trading System supports a system that allows any beginner to copy position strategies and trades of excellent people. It supports not only copy trading, but also grid trading using ai, often spider web trading, and provides a free and utilizable trading environment through various systems and ai.

Founded in 2018, BingX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering spot, derivatives, copy trading and grid trading services to more than five countries and regions around the world with more than 1 million users.

Putting user trust and platform transparency first, BingX continues to connect users with professional traders and platforms in a secure, leading, and innovative way.

Provides reliable and transparent service to users.

Provides 24 / 7

provides excellent copy trading and AI trading system.

VASP Cryptocurrency License

BingX transaction was registered in four countries.

S. Korea Exchange TravelRules Approved

BingX Exchange has been approved for Upbit and Travel Rule, the Korea Exchange.

Reasonable fee

BingX exchange offers reasonable fees.

Various events

BingX Exchange offers a variety of rewards and benefits to new and used users.